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ABC of Tools for EFL Teachers


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Time Machine

TIME MACHINE Time Machine Presentation Introduction Welcome, Time Traveler! It is your birthday today, and your gift is a ride in the TIME MACHINE! You have reached another place or time. Before you start, I must warn you! Once you go … Continue reading

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What does my first name mean?

What does My First Name Mean?  Presentation Kidlink_Ora  Come and explore different cultures through the meaning and significance of first names.  Description:  In this project students research the meaning of their own first names and consider whether the meaning actually fits … Continue reading

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Person of the Year

Person of the Year Stage 1: Predicting the Qualities of Great People Stage 2: Choosing a “Person of the Year” Stage 3: Writing a Report and a Resume Stage 4: Presenting your Work Stage 5: .. and the Winner Is…. … Continue reading

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Driving Project 1. Start in Class and finish at home: Write a “Guide for the New Israeli Driver”. Include 10 driving rules GRADE THIS AS CLASSWORK 2. In class: Write an opinion composition. Which of the 10 rules, in your … Continue reading

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My affair with Web 2.0

The division between teaching and learning has been steadily blurring for me throughout my many teaching years. Being a teacher has made me into an ardent student. My collaborator has been Web 2.0, (a term coined by Tim O’Reilly in 2004), with its excess … Continue reading

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DREAMS Stage 1 – Choosing a Dream: Here are some ideas for a project about dreams: Tell about a dream you or someone else had. Psychology or meaning of dreams. Click here A book, movie, songs about dreams.* for example, … Continue reading

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Motivation Through Project-Based Learning

Project Based Learning http://www.scoop.it/t/motivation-through-project-based-learning/js?format=square&numberOfPosts=3&title=Project+Based+Learning+in+EFL&speed=3&mode=normal&width=300 at ScoopIt

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Why I like project-based teaching

Creativity loves constraints! ‘You can’t improvise on nothing, man; you’ve gotta improvise on something.’ Charles Mingus  In all my years of teaching, my favorite part was the project-based work. Projects make English teaching come alive. Projects stimulate the pupils’ curiosity … Continue reading

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