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Time Machine

TIME MACHINE Time Machine Presentation Introduction Welcome, Time Traveler! It is your birthday today, and your gift is a ride in the TIME MACHINE! You have reached another place or time. Before you start, I must warn you! Once you go … Continue reading

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What does my first name mean?

What does My First Name Mean?  Presentation Kidlink_Ora  Come and explore different cultures through the meaning and significance of first names.  Description:  In this project students research the meaning of their own first names and consider whether the meaning actually fits … Continue reading

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This project was inspired by the mural artwork in Jerusalem created by artists from Lyons, France. See Wall Paintings in Jerusalem. If walls could talk, they would tell us stories about people, families, relationships, communities, wars, cultures and buildings. In … Continue reading

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Person of the Year

Person of the Year Stage 1: Predicting the Qualities of Great People Stage 2: Choosing a “Person of the Year” Stage 3: Writing a Report and a Resume Stage 4: Presenting your Work Stage 5: .. and the Winner Is…. … Continue reading

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Driving Project 1. Start in Class and finish at home: Write a “Guide for the New Israeli Driver”. Include 10 driving rules GRADE THIS AS CLASSWORK 2. In class: Write an opinion composition. Which of the 10 rules, in your … Continue reading

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My affair with Web 2.0

The division between teaching and learning has been steadily blurring for me throughout my many teaching years. Being a teacher has made me into an ardent student. My collaborator has been Web 2.0, (a term coined by Tim O’Reilly in 2004), with its excess … Continue reading

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DREAMS Stage 1 – Choosing a Dream: Here are some ideas for a project about dreams: Tell about a dream you or someone else had. Psychology or meaning of dreams. Click here A book, movie, songs about dreams.* for example, … Continue reading

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Why I like project-based teaching

Creativity loves constraints! ‘You can’t improvise on nothing, man; you’ve gotta improvise on something.’ Charles Mingus  In all my years of teaching, my favorite part was the project-based work. Projects make English teaching come alive. Projects stimulate the pupils’ curiosity … Continue reading

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“A Thousand Words”

“The world of man dances in laughter and tears.” Kabir (Mystic Philosopher 1398-1518) The Family of Man thousand_short    Word version of the Thousand Words Project (short)   Can you think of a photograph that holds special meaning for you? It can be … Continue reading

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