Get ready to travel!

Where would you like to go at the end of this school year? Nepal? Peru? The Greek Islands? San Francisco?

In this project you will take an imaginary trip to any place in the world. You’ll plan your trip and learn about the country you’re going to.  You’ll create a journal of your trip. Bon Voyage!!

Write a travel journal about your trip. The journal can be a foldercontaining all the parts of the project  or a web site

The journal must contain:

  1. Cover page (title of project, your name, class, date)
  2. Table of contents
  3. All the stages of the project, written by you* either by hand or on the computer.
  4. Conclusion
  5. Bibliography (names of books, encyclopedias and internet sites you used)
  6. Illustrations

* – The journal must be written by you alone. Work that has been copied will not be acceptable. Please don’t forget to include where you got your information from in an organized bibliography.

 – Choosing a Destination

Get ideas for a place to go to:

Cities around the world (Click here)

Lonely Planet (Click here)


5 points

3,4 points

Write a descriptive composition entitled “My Favorite Destination”. Write 3-4 paragraphs (about 150-180 words)

paragraph 1:Introduction. Write an interesting opening sentence about travelling. [Click here for ideas for opening sentences]. Then say where you would like to travel to.



paragraph 2: Body. Write about your reasons for wanting to go to that place, what you know about it, what you’ve heard, why you chose it.



paragraph 3: Body. Write about things you would need to do before you go to that destination, what you would take, who you would like to travel with.



paragraph 4:Conclusion. Write a closing paragraph restating your reasons for choosing that destination and your expectations.


















Answer these questions:

  1. What place did you choose?

  2. Why did you choose that place?

  3. What do you know about that place?

    What have you heard about it?

  4. What do you need for your trip?

  5. What must you do before you go?

  6. What things would you take with you?

  7. Who would you travel with?

  8. When is the best time to go?

  9. What are the activities that you can do when you get there?

  10. What are some facts for the traveler?

– Filling Out Forms

What documents do you need for your trip?

1. Do you need a visa to enter that country?

Click here to find out.

2. Fill out an example of a passport application form:


Family Name:












First Name:


















Mr. □






Miss □  






Dr. □       Other □






Your name in your language  
Gender: Male □ Female □  
Place and Country of Birth: Place Country
Marital Status:     Married □         Single□            Divorced□         Widowed□
I may be contacted at this address while I’m in …………. 


My residential address in my home country is : 
I am employed by: 
My occupation is: 


I will enter (country)………….. on this date:   day-month-year
I will depart (country)…………on this date:    day-month-year
Passport number and expiry date:
What is the purpose of your trip? (general, business, medical, other)
Signature of applicant:

– Flight Information

Find a flight to that country

Yahoo Travel

Cheap Fares

1. What airlines will you be travelling with?

2. What date are you leaving?
3. What airport will you be landing at?
4. How much does the ticket cost?


– Information about the Country

Write the answers to these questions in full sentences. Divide your work into clear paragraphs. You may include pictures. PLEASE DO NOT COPY FROM BOOKS OR THE INTERNET.

  1. Find a picture of the country’s flag
  2. Find a map of the country.
  3. What is the country’s capital?
  4. Who is the country’s president/ prime minister?
  5. What are the main cities?
  6. List 5 tourist attractions.
  7. Describe (in your own words) one of these attractions.
  8. What are 3 natural resources found in this country>?
  9. What are the main imports?
  10. What are the main exports?
  11. Is the country developed or developing?
  12. What is the life expectancy in this country?
  13.  What is the major religion? What other religions are found in this country?
  14. What are the popular foods in this country>
  15.  Name two famous people from this country and write what they are famous for?
  16. What other countries border this country?
  17. Describe the climate.
  18. What 2-3 events shaped this country’s history?
  19. What is a major problem facing this country?
  20. What time zone is the country in?  World Time Zone
  21. What currency is used in this country? How many shekels is this currency worth?
  22. Find one or two pictures of your country.  Click here

Currency Converter

CNN Money


Use these resources to help you find information:

Lycos Travel Guide

United Nations “Cyber School Bus”
Data on countries

Country Reports

Global Countries
Southeast Asia


5 points

3,4 points

You ordered a room in hotel but when you got there you didn’t get what you expected.Write a formal letter to your travel agent explaining your problem and asking for it to be corrected.












Pretend that you are at your destination and send email to the teacher at the following Tell her about your holiday.Ideas to write about:


  1. How does it feel to be there?

  2. Where did you go?

  3. Whyat did you see?

  4. What’s special about that place?

  5. What did you eat?

  6. Did you do any shopping? What?

  7. What impressed you most of all?

  8. What are you going to do until you get back?

    Where are you staying?

  9. How long have you been there?
  10. Who are you with?
  11. What are you doing?
  12. What’s the weather like?
  13. How are you managing with money and food?

Ideas for Creative Writing:


5 points

3,4 points

Write a poem/song about something outstanding that happened to you/that you saw in the country you visited.







Draw a map of the country you visited and write a poem on the map following these instructions:


Lines 1 and 8: the name of the country
Line 2: three to four physical features
Line 3: one to three cultural features; for example, landmarks, museums, main cities
Line 4: bordering countries or bodies of water
Line 5: a short description about the climate
Line 6: three historical events that shaped the country
Line 7: issues or problems of importance; for example, poverty, poor land, war, pollution




3,4,5 points

Give and oral presentation about one of these ideas:
1.Bring a song to class from your country. Explain to the class what this song is about, who sings it, how it is connected to that country.or

2.Bring a video clip of a dance group or singing group from that country. Speak about it  in English.


3.Bring a recipe for food and a sample for your friends to taste of the food eaten in that country. Explain in English how to make it and how it’s connected to that country.


Write one paragraph about what you liked/disliked about doing this project.


Targeted Benchmarks and/or Goals

Criteria for Assessment


Description of the Project Work Assignment

Pupils will create a travel journal for an imaginary trip abroad.


Type of Assessment

Who Assesses

Form/CheckboxRubric/Checklist/Assessment List



Self, Peer, Teacher

Targeted Benchmark and/or Goal

Prerequisite Skills and Knowledge

present information in-depth, synthesizing information from various sources

integrate information from different sources for a specific purpose

engage in extended conversations, using language to suit context, audience and purpose

are aware of how cultural practices are reflected in various literary and cultural products

  1. EFL skills

  2. Research skills

  3. Social skills

  4. Organizational skills

  5. Presentation

    Computer / Internet skills (optional)



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