What does my first name mean?

What does My First Name Mean? 

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What does my first name mean?

What does my first name mean?

 Come and explore different cultures through the meaning and significance of first names.


 In this project students research the meaning of their own first names and consider whether the meaning actually fits their character.  Participants will answer the following questions about their first names:

What is your first name?What language is it in?

What does it mean?

Is there anything interesting or unusual about your first name?

What city/country do you live in?

How many people do you know who have the same first name as you?

Does the meaning of your first name suit your character?

Do you like your name?

What other name would you choose?

After answering the questions participants write, type or draw their names in a way that illustrates its meaning.

 Teaching Tips:

See teaching tips here

Required Materials:

Participants will need a scanner and e-mail access.  Students will be encouraged to post their work directly on their pages in KidSpace, and also to view the pages of other participants and post comments to those pages as well.    Participants will also be encouraged to post messages to the KidProj listserv inviting other Kidlinkers to come and view their work.

Project Timeline:

 This is an ongoing project.  Participants may join the project at any time throughout the year.

 Target Age Group:

 This project is for any age group. It is suitable for EFL students at the intermediate level.


 * to give students an opportunity to investigate the meaning of their own first names and consider how that meaning fits their character.

* to participate in a multi-cultural and global collaborative environment.

* to be aware of cultural and language differences and similarities

* to share interesting facts about  their first names with other students.

* to access online information while researching their first names meanings .

* to interact with other students online .

* to use English in an authentic way .

* to engage in simple research, writing, reading and creating through involvement in an interesting activity 

How to Join the Project:

 Send the following information to a project moderator:

 Ora Baumgarten or Joy Boehm

 Teacher’s name,  Teacher’s email,  School,  City/country,  Number of students

All participating students must answer the four Kidlink questions. More information about this can be found here: http://www.kidlink.org/registration/index.php  Click on “Register” on the left sidebar for the registration page. Be sure you have permission to post student work on the WWW and student images if you choose to do this. School districts usually have their own requirements that teachers must follow.

Teachers subscribe to the KIDPROJ and KIPROJ-COORD mailing lists. This can be done by clicking on the list names above:

Students introduce their work in KidSpace. Introductions should be sent to the Kidproj mailing list and can be posted in KidSpace as well.

Students view the work of other participants in the project and post comments and/or questions about the writing.

To Publish the Kid’s Work in KidSpace:

Teachers, together with their students, will insert drawings and text in their own kidspace page after they receive a login and password.


Students assess their own work using this assessment checklist:

Project Moderators:

Ora Baumgarten – Israel

Joy Boehm – USA


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Workshop Facilitator, ICT Tools for EFL/ESL Teachers
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